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Emilija Jacevičienė Prieš 3 mėnesius I know that everybody is head over the hills about Nida, and it is beautiful But I myself like Palanga also, though a lot of people despise it cause of mass of people there.

Palanga is very rich in history and if you don't go to the main pedestrian street Basanavičiaus with all the bling blings you would be amazed with the rest of this town - architecture here is incredible and you can feel the old majesty of this place.

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I visited it after years of avoiding this summer and we had the best time there! They even have this fun orientation game that you can buy and play by yourself - it would show you a lot of Palanga gems : Emilija Jacevičienė Prieš 3 mėnesius Laura Bronner You should definitely rent bikes! We actually took our own bikes and it was perfect! Though there are some places that you can ride bikes like the Basanavičiaus street or the botanical gardenbut there are some amazing bike paths to other towns like Šventoji.

Really enjoyed that one!

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Laura Bronner Prieš 3 mėnesius Palanga is definitely on my dienos prekybos strategijos investopedia for another trip.

I did this trip solo, but was thinking of coming back to the coast with Luke my bf when it's a little bit warmer and enjoying Palanga then, maybe renting some bikes : St Miller Educational!

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Very very Interesting! Thank you.

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Laura Bronner Thanks Steve! Glad you enjoyed it : Justyte M Prieš 3 mėnesius You described this part of curonian spit perfectly! You noticed all the things that I love about it.

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Hope you enjoyed it and will be back to this part of Lithuania! Laura Bronner Thank you so much, Handy crypto chia will definitely be back to this part of Lithuania again!

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  • THIS IS LITHUANIA?! The Curonian Spit
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Thank you! Another beautiful trip in autumn Panemunes kelias. It's a road from Jurbarkas to Kaunas alongside river Nemunas. You'll come by a couple of castles and autumn colours are beautifulespecially in the evening.

Pandatrix Prieš 3 mėnesius You could go inside the biggest ship - it's an exposition of soviet fishing ship. Museum is a sight in itself, it also directed towards wildlife preservation, big emphasis on saving dolphins, seals, etc.

THIS IS LITHUANIA?! The Curonian Spit

Also you found my favourite beach, if you go there right from the museum you'd find it always empty, even during summer. Just couple hundred meters towards the north and it's a totally different experience - metal scrap and stuff. On summer you can ride on a carriage towards the museum from the ferry.

Laura Bronner Prieš 3 mėnesius That's exactly where I entered the beach from - I had it totally to myself.

So magical. Thank you for great video. Tomas kla What a wonderful place. It love this place best in the early fall.

Kim Loan Vlog Cảm ơn ban đã chia sẻ cảnh thiên nhiên rất đẹp Evaldas Valiūnas Prieš 3 mėnesius I hope you had a chance to visit the Parnidis dune and the Vencekrugas dune. The best places in Lithuania in my view. Anyway, great videos, can't wait to see more. Good luck!

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Richard Fox Prieš mėn Hi - recently discovered your channel and really enjoying it. Brings back memories as have been to Klaipeda handy crypto chia few times - but now I see how much of it I didn't see. I'm so glad you're enjoying the videos, pasirinkimo sandorių mokykla florida for taking the time to watch and comment : Tim Herring Beautiful in its desolation. Thanks for the journey from the comfort of my couch, Laura.

Laura Bronner So glad you enjoyed it, thanks for taking the time to comment Tim : Aidas Skruodys Prieš 3 mėnesius If you can, visit the little towns along the spit to Nida.

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I know that you took a bus so they may not stop there. The best thing to do is rent a car. Laura Bronner Prieš 3 mėnesius The next trip when I can spend more time there I will definitely go with a car : Vytis Agafonovas Prieš 2 mėnesius Thers was or maybe still is interesting work oportunity at curonian spit, to work as a sheperd. They eaven targeted foreigners to come handy crypto chia live at the spit. Sounded very lovely and unusualy for the time of age.

Maybe it was some kind of a project im not sure, but surely a lovely initiative. Ambience Travel Thank you very much, have a wonderful timethe tour is great!

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I pick up mushrooms on my way from see. Beaches are almost empty and it is always warm enough in some side of a dune unless it is raining. Vai Das Lith.

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