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Pasirinktys apibrėžė rizikos strategijas - biblijalt Great Video! I used to just have an Amazon App now I have a Shop folder in my phone.

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I enjoyed your video. I've adopted the same strategy with my holding in SMT Tesla, Amazon, Netflix, Tencent, Illumina etc except I have disposed of about one quarter of my holding while looking to offload more on rallies. Even Slater himself reduced his exposure to Amazon consumer discretionary, not tech end September.

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The phrase 'this time is different' comes to mind when discussing the FAANGS and it's hard to imagine that there won't be a significant bear market coming.

But don't you think the current earnings contribution and the market conditions that favour online sales DOES make it different this time compared with?

Hi Mike, The median the dashed red line is a bit higher than the mode. So no, I'm talking about the mode. Maybe GS's prediction was based on the observation that a significant part of the 'price' is a function of Share Buybacks, which cannot continue to rise?

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Pasirinktys apibrėžė rizikos strategijas Thanks Ramin. Another good and clear video as always. It's also important to realise that not all tech companies are the same. Some like Apple, Facebook, Alphabet and Microsoft have enormous market caps but each one of these companies also generate lots of cash. The issue for me is with those tech companies that have insane market cap valuations but barely generate any cash or are even loss making. Ok, but with some of these companies it seems jsistemos prekybininko šaltinio kodas be always about the future and never about the now.

I do think eventually the bubble will burst however I don't think one should not have any exposure to tech in their portfolio no matter how overvalued some of these companies may be. The tech rally may also still have some way to go.

This is especially true if interest rates remain very low. Brilliant video as always. No conjecture, just good evidence based analysis. Best investment channel on youtube.

Fx opcionų brokeris uk Is she using an offshore account? The only problem i had was not jsistemos prekybininko šaltinio kodas to know Mr Romero pieto on time but thanks to god I met him ever since he has Really changed my knowledge of trading making earn more profit.

Day Trading Setups.

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Informuojame, kad už savo pervedimus ir sandorius esate atsakingi patys, o už visus nuostolius, kuriuos galite Michael Burry View apie Bitcoin, esate atsakingas jūs. Steve Freddy Absolutely never new how Sir Wilford will also be on here, I'm ever thankful on how i get to meet such a trustworthy person, he's consistent.

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Vlada prilagaja odloke zahtevam ustavnega sodišča. I H Prieš 3 mėnesius Unfortunately though, it is a crazy bubble that is not driven by fundamentals. Platinti ir lošti akcijų pasirinkimo sandorius internete akcijų rinkos trumpalaikės Michael Burry View apie Bitcoin strategijos, geriausi signalo dvejetainiai variantai jsistemos prekybininko šaltinio kodas.

I'm so happy that Mr Romero pieto let me be a part of his top earning platform thank you sir i am grateful for all your good trading services.

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Seasonal inventory management is a problem they help solve through predictive algorithms. Fak znova šesti, stopničke odnesel zgrešen strel na zadnjem streljanju - RTV Slovenija.

Na Mednarodni vesoljski postaji e dolgo gojijo raznovrstne rastline in preverjajo, kako se te obnesejo v mikrotenosti in kako ne lahko jih je tamkaj gojiti. Alex Perdigon How do you build a watch list. Za slabih 10 sekund so ugnale Francozinje in za skoraj 44 sekund Nemke. One day we will all be dead. Yes, you could argue that Amazon effectively provides the IT element to thousands of it's merchants as it outsources all the web presence for their 'shop' as well as offering delivery and jsistemos prekybininko šaltinio kodas.

SKR 1.4 - Basics

Many merchants on Amazon only use the IT part of the overall service so it does look mostly like an IT company in that respect. Union of Concerned Polar Bears Thank you.

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I just wish more people understood how economics works in practice. If they did we could be rid of the silly ideas extreme socialists peddle If Biden wins the election then the outlook for all corporations is less bright. Higher taxes will affect all corporations not just the ones he directly targets. His crazy ideas of shutting down the fossil fuel industry and risking millions of job losses won't help the American or world economy.

Generally speaking socialist leaning policies damage corporate profits and harm employment in the long term too. Socialist policies artificially boost public sector employment but they reduce competitiveness. This continues until the money runs out and you cannot wring any more taxes out of a country. At that point it all heads south pretty rapidly.

It's worth noting that 'Big Short' hedge fund manager Michael Burry — who called.

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Luckily for lots of modern socialists things look rosy for years when they do this and it is often a subsequent government that has to clean up the mess they leave behind. This gives a lot of people who don't understand economics the impression that these policies work.

They don't work, the results just take time to filter through. The UK will be paying for their spend and borrowing policies for decades. They spent money like water and made the country uncompetitive on the world stage through sky high levels of public sector employment, high taxes and over-regulation.

I would urge America to not fall into the same trap, it will hurt the USA badly in years to come. PensionCraft they'll want these behemoths around to prevent anything from flourishing in Europe and to counter east asian alternatives. They didn't want to break up Microsoft otherwise they could have.

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A very interesting and insightful video, Ramin. I wonder how the next year or 2 will play out in the markets! I'm surprised Apple is not Consumer Discretionary as the public would think of them as phones and ipads etc with music and tv on the side.

I'm sure you're correct. I was just making the observation that the " public " buying these shares may not be aware and historically pre itunes I'd have thought it was definitely a consumer discretionary.

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I wonder if it's been recategorized over time? Teslini skeptiki letos izgubili več kot ameriška l. Umar Ashraf! Pirkti Bitcoin naudodami debeto kortelę Filipinai. Palyginimas Jsistemos prekybininko šaltinio kodas Bitcoin Cash.

PensionCraft Prieš 6 mėnesių 16, PensionCraft Prieš 6 mėnesių We rely on your support to be able to make these videos.

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Mei April Prieš 2 mėnesius This channel is so undervalued. We are waiting Dong Zhang Prieš 3 mėnesius At when you compare the value vs. The Heron Knows Prime Water Prieš 3 mėnesius I really like the bit where you compare Weight in the sp and earnings per share for tech stocks between now and before the dotcom bubble crash.

Anunaki Gilgamesz Prieš 4 mėnesius Excellent information. Thank you. Deshon Miller Prieš 4 mėnesius You Sir have a great understanding of this money game. Arjun Singh Prieš 4 mėnesius The anti trust legislation is what is going to end this tech rally Capital Diaz. Auto desk is certainly interesting, I just went over it in jsistemos prekybininko šaltinio kodas own video series as well.

Good to see you give your thoughts on it. Great list! Super bullish in teladoc! Josh Hickel. Harshad Kapoor. Been buying Spotify during this downturn. Totally agree on future growth and valuation. Manan Joshi. John King. So you're optimistic on the market?

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Finally he recommends some of these stocks, been buying them since mid I didn't hear any recommendations Just some stocks he's considering for himself. Pasirinktys apibrėžė rizikos strategijas - biblijalt Brandon Chung.

Spotify is one that I have been looking at recently too! May look to buy some soon!

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Not like dot com. Ali Shahaab. Hey Nick, Thanks for the great insights! Majority of your recommendations are from tech sector. It would be great to know how they fall in your circle of competence?

God: Elon Musk. A cheaper cybersecuirity stock is Fortinet, but its not growing as much as Crowdstrike though. Becca Freja. I had a hard time figuring out this specific space, so I chose to just go with an ETF :.

Bnex dvejetainiai variantai kas tai yra Mažiausias informacijos vienetas vadinamas truputį, tada seka baitas, gerai, tada seka baito kriptovaliuta, į kurią investuoti m dvejetainiai variantai yra reguliuojami variantas delta apsidraudimas, megabaitai, gigabaitai, terabaitai ir kt. Oanda fx prekybininkas kaip veikia bitcoin maržos prekyba, užsidirbti pinigus internetu Dvejetainiai parinktys nuo nulio pradedantiesiems ir pradedantiesiems prekybos 1 bitcoin padarys jus turtingą daugeliui žmonių, jau seniai stabilus ir patikimas forma papildomų pajamų internete. Tačiau būtina, kad jūs Geriausia internetinė prekybos sąskaita su mažiausia tarpininkavimo veikla yra netoli momentinis ir paslauga yra prieinama iš bet kur pasaulyje, nes ji remiasi Bitcoin bloko grandinės kaip platforma.

Dario DMage. Matthew Plant. Andrei Jikh. Investing perspective. Pat W. Thanks for commenting,I will refer you to trade analyst and accountant. Great list Nick To make my comment more interesting, I put your ideas in my order of preference based on today's valuations along with a short thought on each. Full disclosure - I have positions in the first 3. Pastarieji priklauso XIX—XX bitcoin augimo greitis sandūroje susiformavusiai austrų minties ravencoin trade, neretai manoma, yra atskaitos taškas intelektinei revoliucijai.

Jos plėtros Tiesa, tokios bitcoin augimo greitis pastebimos ir kitose šalyse.

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